Purple Kush

Dominate TerpMyrcene
Star Ratings4.2
Ratings Amount2276
Strain TypeIndica
% THC19

Purple Kush Terpene Profile

Dominate TerpMyrcene
Other Terp 1Pinene
Other Terp 2Caryophyllene

Purple Kush Info

Purple Kush is a delightful 💜 indica strain that hails from the Oakland region of California. It was created by combining Hindu Kush 🧘‍♂️ with Purple Afghani 🌄, resulting in a pure and potent 💯 indica experience.

With its subtle and earthy aroma, accompanied by sweet undertones, Purple Kush offers a sensory delight 🌿. This strain’s Kush characteristics shine through, providing a soothing and calming effect on both the mind and body.

Prepare to be enveloped in a state of blissful euphoria 🌈, as Purple Kush offers a long-lasting sense of happiness and peace ✨. It works wonders in relieving physical discomfort, alleviating pain and tension, and promoting deep relaxation 😌. Say goodbye to sleep troubles and stress, as Purple Kush is here to help you find tranquility.

Purple Kush Flavors


Purple Kush Feelings




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Purple Kush Genetics

Parent 1Hindu Kush
Parent 2Purple Afghani
Child 1Banana Bread
Child 2Platinum Purple Kush

Purple Kush Grow Info

Grow Difmoderate
Grow Avg Hightshort
Grow Avg Yeildmedium
Grow Time7 - 9
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