Biscotti Mintz

Star Ratings4.5
Ratings Amount2
Strain TypeHybrid
% THC23

Biscotti Mintz Info

🌿 Biscotti Mintz is a hybrid strain created by crossing Biscotti and Mintz. It’s composed of 20% sativa and 80% indica genetics. 🌱 Brought to you by Barney’s Farm, a renowned breeder known for their top-quality strains. 🔬 Biscotti Mintz packs a punch with its THC content ranging from 22-25%, making it a favorite for experienced cannabis users seeking a potent and relaxing high. 🚀 Customers of Strain Guide have reported feeling euphoric, happy, and experiencing a case of the munchies after consuming Biscotti Mintz. 🍃 Medical marijuana patients dealing with stress, pain, and insomnia often choose this strain for its therapeutic benefits. 💊 Biscotti Mintz boasts flavors of sweetness, tropical fruits, and a tangy twist. 🌬️ Its dominant terpene, myrcene, gives it a musky and earthy scent. 💵 Typically priced between $10-$15 per gram, Biscotti Mintz is considered a rare and coveted strain. 🌿 With dense, dark green buds covered in orange hairs and white trichomes, it offers a smooth and velvety smoking experience. 👃 Its

Biscotti Mintz Genetics

Parent 1Strain Bsi
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