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  Category:   Gear

  Location: Yuba City, United States

  Description: Grow light ballasts are 1000 watt core & coil HID's.  Switchable from 240v to 120v.  Used indoors can grow and produce lotsa bud.  Hoods have glass and 8 inch flanges on both sides so you can ventilate the hot air outside of the room.  Comes with a 1000 watt bulb also.  All parts used for 9 months until we started using different lights.  Warrantied to work for the first 24 hours.  These are switchable ballasts meaning you can plug them into a 120v circuit or a 240v circuit... VERY IMPORTANT!   If you plug them into the wrong circuit for what you have them set to the ballast could fry or catch on fire.  In other words if you want to plug them into a 120v circuit you must have the ballast switched to the 120v setting.  Please ask us to explain this if you are not familiar with using switchable ballasts.

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