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  Category:   Cannabis Hybrid

  Location: Sacramento, United States

  Description: Key Lime is a strain meant for connoisseurs. It’s a rare phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain and is popular in the world of cannabis connoisseurs for its positive reviews shedding attention on strong indica attributes. This means some admirers of this strain have noted it relaxes their body and frees it of pain while keeping the mind calm and a bit of drowsiness to surface. Some have reported Key Lime Pie helps not only with pain but insomnia. Others have enjoyed Key Lime Pie for its delicious scent similar to lime candy and a flavor that’s earthy with undertones of chocolate. THC levels average around 19-22%, and a well-cultivated batch of Key Lime will have purple hues dispersed amongst its buds which signifies its affinity for colder temperatures during cultivation. It takes about 9-10 weeks for Key Lime Pie to fully flower for reaping. Some reviewers have stated that Key Lime may cause short-term memory loss, but they seem to believe that this is more likely to occur with novice users.

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