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  Category:   Tincture

  Location: Mill Valley, United States

  Description: THC you would only use a THC tincture to achieve a psychoactive high, RIGHT? No, not exactly, while its true our Rosette Wellness THC Tinctures are a “crowd pleasing” Party in A Bottle, however our THC does contain pain-fighting properties. In a recent case an 82-year-old Colon Cancer patient chose our Cannabis Tinctures vs western medicine treatment with her Stage 4 cancer. The THC was able to control her elevated levels of pain and provide her body relief and allow for a passing that did not rely on chemo or radiation treatment, just our THC that naturally has a modest level of CBG which inhibits cell growth in tumor/cancer cells and promotes bone growth. One of the major benefits of taking tincture vs. smoking using fire is that you keep all the medicinal compounds intact. Since you don’t light the more nuanced and volatile parts of your medicine up in smoke, you’re literally getting more medicine for your money. Party in a Bottle and or Medicine in a Bottle, best of both worlds combined. DOSING 343mg in 1oz = 137 servings 1 dropper = 1ml (11mg cannabinoids) 337mg THC + 6mg CBD = 343mg cannabinoids Whole flower full spectrum extract Can be applied sublingually (under the tongue), put into food, beverage or capsule or used topically

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